June 23, 2009

Still accepting registrations for June 29th parenting class

Helping Children Understand Divorce:

Divorce is a difficult adjustment for children and parents. Each family member deals with a variety of emotions. Despite their own challenges with the divorce process, parents need to understand how divorce affects their children. This class will explain children’s understanding of divorce from various developmental stages. It will also offer suggestions on how to help children work through the effects of divorce.

Here's a link to the registration form: http://www.pamdyson.com/files/Parenting_Classes.pdf

Call me for more details. 314-681-8272.

June 15, 2009

Autistic Kids & Thomas the Tank Engine

Many children with developmental disabilities are fascinated with animated TV characters. A study conducted in the UK found autistic children were far more fascinated with the characters from Thomas the Tank Engine than with other fictional characters.

Picking up on this finding, Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) a non-profit that provides services to people with this development disorder has designed a Thomas The Tank Engine Emotions Game specifically aimed at autistic kids.

The game asks players to recognize which engine has a sad, happy or angry face. Each time the child plays they are presented with a different sequence of emotions. It can also be played to test a child's memory.

Here's the link to play the game: https://www.autismspectrum.org.au/a2i4i9l435l483/interactive-games.htm

June 10, 2009

Baby Brain Map

I'm a visual learner and the web site, Zero to Three, has an awesome feature that allows you to take a look inside your baby's brain as it develops.

Go to the Zero to Three web site: and select an age range from the pull-down menu. Depending on the age range you selected different hot spots on the brain will appear. Click on a hot spot to reveal questions to find out how a baby's brain develops during this period of brain growth. You'll also learn what you can do to enrich a very young child's development.