July 16, 2009

What is Theraplay?

Theraplay is a short-term, therapist-guided dyadic psychotherapy that focuses on parent-child relationships. It:

* Enhances attachment, self-esteem and trust in others through joyful engagement
* Is based on the natural patterns of healthy interaction between parent and child
* Focuses on four essential qualities found in parent-child relationships: structure, engagement, nurture and challenge
* Creates an active and empathic connection between child and parents
* Results in changed view of the self as worthy and lovable, and of relationships as positive

I will be attending a Theraplay training next month in my quest to become certified at facilitating Theraplay. I have already attended an introductory class which allows me to apply basic Theraplay principles in my work. I am eager to pursue this credentialing and be better able to serve families requesting my services.

For more information on Theraplay please see their web site: www.theraplay.org

July 8, 2009

Life is Full of Transitions

Getting married, getting divorced. A job promotion or a job loss. The birth of your first child, the first day of kindergarten. The day your baby graduates from high school. Transitions are a normal part of family life. Some bring joy and others bring sorrow. Right now I'm in the midst of the empty nest transition. It's a mixed bag of both joy and sorrow. I take it one day at a time and it's getting easier but it will take me some time before I've completely adjusted.

What transition is your family currently facing?

July 6, 2009

Summer "To-Do" List

The Fourth of July signals for me the mid-point of the summer. Now it's time to go back to that to-do list you made at the beginning of the summer and hurriedly try to tackle the items you've not find time to accomplish. I was able to clean the basement and have a garage sale and to convert a bedroom into a "hoffice" (that's my word for a home office). The items that have not yet been scratched off of my list include painting several rooms in my house, committing more time each day to writing and getting into a habit of walking at least four times a week. There are still several weeks of summer left and I'm focused on putting forth the time and energy needed to accomplish these things.

How about you? What's left on your summer to-do list?