May 4, 2009

Parenting Classes

I have finalized the dates and topics for my up-coming parenting classes. If you email me I can send you the flyer and the registration form. (I never share email addresses). The registration form is also available to download on my web site

Classes are for parents of children ages 3-12. Classes begin at 7pm and run for ninety minutes and will be held at my office in Ellisville. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Each class is $10.00 which includes handouts and light refreshments.

June 8 - Understanding Your Child’s Temperament
Every child is born with a unique temperament style that affects how they react and respond to their world. Parents who understand their child’s temperament have an easier time dealing with challenging behaviors. This class will help parents gain an understanding of different temperament styles and learn ways to adjust their parenting to their child’s temperament.

June 15 - Managing Challenging Behaviors
Parents are expressing growing concerns about challenging behaviors. Children often exhibit challenging behaviors when they don’t have the skills needed to display more appropriate behaviors. This class will help parents understand why challenging behaviors occur and offer strategies to better manage those behaviors.

June 22 - Helping Siblings Get Along
Bickering, fighting, and arguing among siblings is frustrating for parents. There are many reasons why sibling rivalry occurs but generally brothers and sisters fight to get their parent’s attention. This class shares some ideas to help you reduce your frustration and lessen the fighting.

June 29 - Helping Children Understand Divorce
Divorce is a difficult adjustment for children and parents. Each family member deals with a variety of emotions. Despite their own challenges with the divorce process, parents need to understand how divorce affects their children. This class will explain children’s understanding of divorce from various developmental stages. It will also offer suggestions on how to help children work through the effects of divorce.

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