January 10, 2011

Helping Children with ADHD Focus

When a child has been diagnosed with ADHD parents have so many questions. Should I medicate my child? Would therapy be helpful? Do we need a combination of medication and therapy? It’s important to keep in mind that medications do not cure ADHD. Rather, they control the symptoms for as long as they are taken. Medications can help a child pay attention and complete schoolwork. It is not clear, however, whether medications can help children learn or improve their academic skills.

Behavioral therapy, counseling, and practical support can help children with ADHD and their families to better cope with everyday problems.

Playing strategy games such as chess, checkers, Jenga, can be helpful as you have to take your time and focus in order to play the game. I give these types of games as assignments for parents and children to do together at home. The more you do them the more it teaches focusing and slowing down. Doing things in slow motion, like sports replays, can also be helpful.

A lot of the children with ADHD that I've worked with have had great success with martial arts. It not only helps them focus it helps build their confidence.

When a child feels like their brain is racing, it can be helpful to do something physical. Jumping jacks or running can get their excess energy out. Include these types of physical breaks during homework time. Some children can't sit still on a chair but when you replace that chair with an exercise ball they can repetitively bounce and still be able to focus on their homework.

It's a matter of finding things your child would enjoy doing and implementing them into your daily routine.

If your family could use some support with learning how to cope with the everyday problems that accompany ADHD I can help. I’ll sit down with you and together we will put together a list of practical strategies you can easily implement at home to help your child learn how to focus.

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