February 18, 2011

"Oh, Mom! It's Only Change!"

That was my young daughter's response when I asked her why there were coins scattered on the floor of her room. I told her I was going to vacuum and the coins had to be picked up. She ignored me. My response was telling her that if I had to pick the coins up I was going to keep them. She shrugged her shoulders and said it was fine.

Over the course of the next few weeks, whenever I vacuumed her room, I put the coins I found into a jar. When the jar was half full, I took it to her room, dumped it on her bed and told her to help me count it. It totaled nearly five dollars! I scooped the coins back into the jar while talking out loud about what I was going to buy with the money. By the look of disbelief on her face I knew my little experiment had been successful.

I never again found coins on her floor. What have you done to teach your children about the value of money?


Mom2Kaia said...

I just found your through Twitter and wanted to let you know I'll be following from now on. You've got some awesome ideas here that are so simple! Thanks!

Pam Dyson, MA, LPC said...

It's nice to have you here! I'm a big believer in helping parents find practical solutions to problems.