May 5, 2012

Practical Advice for Parents About Bullying

Bullying is getting a lot of attention. There is so much information about bullying that it can be hard for parents to sort through it and make sense of it all. I was a recent guest during the 4pm news on KSDK offering insights and advice for parents about bullying.

It's important to have frequent conversations with your child about their day and what happens at school. If you keep communication open between you and your child they're more likely to come to you with their problems.

Watch TV and movies with your child and use situations presented to discuss the problems and how to solve them. Inquire if they've experienced something like this or have seen it happen to others. Let them know that if they're bullied or see it happen to someone else they should tell you, a teacher or another trusted adult.

Involving children in activities, clubs and organizations helps them build self confidence and provides opportunities for them to interact with their peers and develop friendships. Children who are self confident and have friends are less likely to become victims of bullying.

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