December 1, 2007

Holidays and Stress

The stress that surrounds the holidays can make family gatherings uncomfortable. This is especially true in families with there is already some tension amongst family members.

During family gatherings, treat your family members with respect and try to focus on their good qualities rather than what has caused the tensions between you. If someone becomes confrontational with you, take a deep breath and tell the person that you will discuss things with them another time and that you want the family event to stay positive and focused on the spirit of the holiday season.

Making a plan about how you will deal with an uncomfortable situation will put you at ease and allow you to enjoy family gatherings.

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Anonymous said...

Too many times, problems are never dealt with and so many years go by with issues unresolved. Christmas remains uncomfortable and dreaded. When do parents of adult children become involved if their childern will not handle them on their own? I think I would step in and try to help if my children weren't getting along.