April 30, 2010

Is Eating Out With Your Kids More Trouble Than It's Worth?

Do your children throw food, yell, crawl under the table when you eat out?

Is it so embarrassing and uncontrollable that you've given up on taking them out to eat?

Make restaurant experiences less dramatic and more enjoyable with these suggestions;

Select a family friendly restaurant. If you're not sure if the place is kid friendly go there sometime without your child to scope it out.

Request a booth in a spot that won't be distracting should your child fidget.

Take along a bag of small toys, crayons and a coloring book or a quiet electronic toy to entertain your child while waiting for your food. Use this bag for only eating out so your child won't be bored with the contents

Order an appetizer right away or ask for bread or crackers so your child has something to munch on.

One last suggestion that I used when my own children were small was to phone in our food order ahead of time so it was ready to be served shortly after we sat down. Less time for you to have to entertain your little ones and less time they have to wait equals a more enjoyable meal for the entire family.

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