April 30, 2010

Is Eating Out With Your Kids More Trouble Than It's Worth?

Do your children throw food, yell, crawl under the table when you eat out?

Is it so embarrassing and uncontrollable that you've given up on taking them out to eat?

Make restaurant experiences less dramatic and more enjoyable with these suggestions;

Select a family friendly restaurant. If you're not sure if the place is kid friendly go there sometime without your child to scope it out.

Request a booth in a spot that won't be distracting should your child fidget.

Take along a bag of small toys, crayons and a coloring book or a quiet electronic toy to entertain your child while waiting for your food. Use this bag for only eating out so your child won't be bored with the contents

Order an appetizer right away or ask for bread or crackers so your child has something to munch on.

One last suggestion that I used when my own children were small was to phone in our food order ahead of time so it was ready to be served shortly after we sat down. Less time for you to have to entertain your little ones and less time they have to wait equals a more enjoyable meal for the entire family.

April 27, 2010

Understanding ADHD

Perhaps your child has been given a diagnosis of ADHD or it's been suggested that he or she needs to be evaluated to determine whether or not they have ADHD. No matter which situation you find yourself in it's important to understand the different types of ADHD as they can be confusing.

1. ADHD, Predominatly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type

2. ADHD, Predominantly Inattentive Type

3. ADHD, Combined Type

The type of ADHD your child has will determine the best way for you to parent your child. There are numerous books and web sites available that can help you better understand ADHD and offer parenting suggestions. However this can be a challenge as what works with one child won't necessarily work for another.

Sometimes it can be helpful to consult with an expert who can help you navigate parenting your ADHD child by offering insights and suggestions based upon your particular situation. If you are seeking more effective ways to parent your ADHD child contact me via email pam@pamdyson.com or call 314-681-8272 to schedule a consultation. I offer support, encouragement and strategies you can easily implement.

April 24, 2010

Brag Calendar

I got this idea from a fellow play therapist.

Hang a calendar above your child's bed. Each day write one thing one positive thing about your child or one positive behavior your child did. At bedtime you verbally shares what was written. It sets a positive tone and it's much easier for both child and parents to fall asleep knowing the day ended on a positive note.

April 13, 2010

Involve Your Kids in Gardening

Now that spring has arrived your thoughts may have turned to cleaning up the yard and doing some gardening. What a perfect opportunity to involve your kids in something that gets them away from the TV and video games and provides them with some fresh air and exercise.

Take them along to the nursery to select plants and flowers. Kids are much more likely to help when they have some input .

Give them a small shovel and have them ready the flower beds. I've never met a kid who didn't love to dig in the dirt! Stake off a section for your child to have his or her own little garden.

Teach them how to properly water and weed. A small child will probably have a difficult time distinguishing between a weed and an expensive perennial.

Take photos of the garden at the beginning stages and along the way so your child can observe the progress. Come wintertime your kids can help plan what you'll plant in next years garden.

When the planting is done and they're covered head to toe in dirt get out the garden hose and let them spray each other down.

Including your kids in the planning of the projects as well as the actual work will give them the opportunity to learn the satisfaction that comes from a job well done and you'll see their self-esteem blossom along with the flowers.

April 4, 2010


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