August 1, 2007

"Not Me!"

Upon waking this morning I went into my family room and after surveying the six remotes on the coffee table I found the one for the tv and I turned on CNN. I noticed an empty soda can on the end table. Not an unusual thing to find since I have two children, but it caught my eye because it was sitting between two coasters. Not on top of but between. I shake my head.

I head to the kitchen for some breakfast. Cereal sounds appetizing. Four boxes and not one with enough in it for a serving. I’m really hungry so I dump the contents of all four into a bowl. Now for some milk. As I remove the milk container from the refrigerator I realize there is barely enough to cover my cereal. I sigh, dump the cereal into the dog’s dish and do what any respectable mother would do. I put the milk back in the refrigerator.

If anyone asks who put the milk back with barely enough left for a serving I'm going to shrug my shoulders and say, "Not me!"

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SusieQ said...


For the next time: yogurt or cottage cheese are a nice combo with cereal, too.

Isn't it amazing how different and yet how similar our lives are?

When I lived in Switzerland one time my friend called up (the stairs) to her son for something. No answer. Again. No answer. Finally she yelled VERY LOUD. His response: "QUOI?? (what?) in that whiny tone familiar to parents around the world.