August 8, 2007

When Siblings Continue To Be Rivals

Sibling squabbles are an inevitable part of family life but what happens when children grow up? If they continue to squabble it can affect family dynamics, especially when it comes to parenting styles. Brothers and sisters growing up in the same family will, when they become parents, either mirror their parents’ child rearing style or reject it.

Most of us can recall a family gathering where one set of cousins was blamed for sneaking cookies before dinner while another cousin raced through the house and pulled the cats tail. Some families become so frustrated that they resort to limiting the amount of times their children see their cousins.

An alternative might be to have family members sit down and address the issues. Don’t get caught up in trivial matters but rather come up with specific rules that can accommodate all parenting styles.

Treat your siblings with the same respect you give your friends. Recognize that you were siblings before your children were born and you will still be siblings when your children leave the nest.

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Renee said...

That is so sad when problems interfere with time spent with cousins, but I can easily see how this would happen. I've made a point to my children that their cousins are always welcome in our home (even if parents don't get along). Yet, I don't even want to attend Christmas gatherings.