August 24, 2007

Older Than Dirt

As a child I attended church with my family every Sunday. To a young girl, the sermons were long and boring so I occupied my time by flipping through the red hymnal found in the pew rack in front of me. The book contained more than just hymns. There were Psalms, prayers and calendars for the church year.

One thing that always intrigued me was the chart on page 158 (yes, I remember the page number) that listed the days Easter would fall from 1941-2000. I would imagine how old I would be on certain Easter Sunday’s. In 1969 I would turn ten a month before Easter. My 19th birthday would fall three weeks prior to Easter. But the year 2000 was always the one that made me shake my head. That was the year I would be 41! To a child, that was older than dirt. I could not, in my eight year old mind, fathom being alive at such an old age.

I’m certain the denomination I was raised in has published a newer hymnal. I wonder if it has a chart for the days of Easter and how close Easter Sunday will be to my 100th birthday.

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Anonymous said...

I'm officially "older than dirt". Yet, when I talk to someone about 20 years older than me; I'm still a "kid".