September 6, 2007

More Parenting Reflections

How would you respond to the following statements?

  1. What have you have inherited?
  2. What you would have liked to inherit?
  3. What you most dislike inheriting?
  4. What would you like your children to inherit.?


DMaud said...

1.My grandfather's traits
2.Wisdom and Wealth
3.My father's face
4.Respect for self and others, empathy, responsiblity, good sound morals.

Anonymous said...

1. My mother's forgetfulness.
2. Wisdom and generosity
3. Forgetfulness
4. Health, wisdom, and kindness

I dont' think of inheriting my parents possessions. I think everyone should work hard and earn their own living. Inheritance is a good place for charity or worthy causes. There are so many needy people in this world.