September 25, 2007


Yesterday I drove by a golf range that had a sign posted out front that read:

Golf Lessons
Half Hour for $40.00

Next door to the golf range was a church with this sign:

Parenting Seminar
How To Understand Your Teenager
Saturday, 10- 1 Cost: $10.00

I'm not a sports fan so I wouldn't consider paying that kind of money for a half hour golf lesson. But as a parent and as a professional who works with families I would certainly pay or encourage another parent to invest $10.00 in a parenting seminar.

Parenting is one of the most challenging roles you can ever take on. Learning how to be a good parent takes an investment of your time. Additionally, investing in seminars, buying books, etc., can be helpful and put you on the path of becoming the best parent you can possibly be.


Anonymous said...

Parenting class would definetly be money well spent. Too many people think golf lessons, or any other type of lessons are more important. My children aren't athletes, but have chosen to participate in a few activities. I'm convinced that sports bring out the worst in people. They sit a ballgames all day, but can't seem to sit in church for one hour.

Anonymous said...

Just think what the world would be like if more people chose to put their heart into becoming an active church member instead of so much time and effort in sporting events.