September 5, 2007

Parenting Reflections

Take a few minutes to reflect on what parenting means to you. Grab a pen and paper and post your thoughts to the following statements.

1. Three things you enjoy doing with your children.

2. Your favorite parenting moment.

3. What your children would say they like about you.

4. The best thing about being a parent.


DMaud said...

1. Shopping, eating out, laughing.
2. Reading Time
3. My selfless ways
4. Molding and the young into
strong,responsible, productive

Anonymous said...

1. Playing volleyball with my daughter, making cookies with my son, and spending meal time together.
2. When someone approaches me and tells me about a time they seen my children doing something positive.
3. My "blonde" moments (I'm brunette) and my laugh.
4. Seeing happy children.