September 4, 2007

Using "I" Messages

One way for parents to model good communication skills for their children is to use "I" messages.

There are three parts to an "I" message.

1. I feel_________________(use an emotion)

2. when_________________(describe a specific situation)

3. because_______________(say how it affects you).

"I" messages tell your child how you feel. It's more effective than yelling. It teaches your child more appropriate ways to share their feelings and solve problems.


DMaud said...

I feel happy

when my refridgerator is empty

Beause I believe just as God takes care of the birds he will provide for me and family

Anonymous said...

I'm learning to express my feelings better as times passes. I came home from work, and my daughter could tell I was unhappy. She noticed my actions and tone of voice, instead of keeping it all inside, I told her I have a headache. So she understood and I wanted her to know that she wasn't the problem.

Pam Dyson, MA, PLPC said...

Parents play an important role in children's ability to identify, understand and express emotions in healthy ways.

By expressing your own feelings you are modeling healthy emotional expression.