September 18, 2007

Self Talk

Self talk is an internal dialog. What you say to yourself effects your feelings and your actions. Your self talk can be positive or negative depending upon your outlook on life. People who practice positive self talk are more confident and successful. People who use negative self talk lack confidence and have low self esteem.

Learning to control your self talk will make it more positive than negative. Find some positive phrases that speak to you and repeat them several times over the course of the day. It will help you develop a new thinking pattern.

Let's say that you're trying to get into the habit of walking 5 times a week and have been successful for two weeks. The next week you only walk 3 times and your negative self talk says you're a failure and you can't do it. Your positive self talk would say that you accomplished your goal two weeks in a row and that you've had a minor set back but you'll get back on schedule next week.

Which self talk would be more encouraging?

Positive self talk is a simple thing that, when incorporated into your daily routine, can make big changes in your life.

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